Writing as a Release

In my life, I have come upon these moments, usually during transitional periods or around the time of major life events, where I am compelled to write. Sometimes, I can’t explain why, but I just feel the need to sit down and put pen to paper. It’s therapeutic for me in a lot of ways – and masochistic in others.

I guess, what I’m trying to say, is in the past when I have reached these times; I haven’t really had an outlet, besides a journal or a confidant. Having this website at my disposal, makes coming upon one of these times, as I am now, tough. And brings along with it a new sort of internal argument. I have always been wary as to what I post online and with good reason. It can hurt people, in unpredictable ways. For this reason I am wrestling with the idea of posting my thoughts. In many cases my writings can get very personal and if this were to be seen by the wrong person or get reddit or tumblr famous I could most certainly hurt people and potentially myself.

It is for that reason, that I am intentionally being meta and vague. I feel that if I go on to produce more content in the upcoming days, that will have to be the way I go about it as well. No names, no direct details, just questions and answers (or ramblings).

I would like to revive this site. Hopefully, my current stint of daily writing will bring that about. I pray it does. I hope I keep writing as well but I need to find that balance.



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